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landscaped golf courseGolf Course Design Philosophy

RCWI's goal is to create golf courses that allow the game of golf to be enjoyed to the fullest extent. Our attention to providing the intangible qualities that make golf enjoyable, exciting and challenging receive the same priority as our concerns for the business aspects of golf course operations. Customer comforts, ease of maintenance, speed of play and safety are just some of the issues that receive our highest considerations during the design process.

In golf, we know the more success golfers experience on the golf course, the more they enjoy the game. We strive to design the type of golf holes that give players an opportunity to succeed while, at the same time, presenting them with a fair challenge.

environmental golf courseOur designs create more thought provoking golfing situations, allowing players to consider their options and take certain risks based on their individual skill levels. We believe that when players execute shots, perform according to their own "game plans", and can then witness the successful results of their efforts, they experience the real thrill the game of golf offers. Our "strategic design philosophy" promotes higher levels of enthusiasm for the game. And enthusiastic golfers make golf course operations more successful.

At RCWI, we take great pride in working with the natural characteristics of every site. Our artistic ability allows us to create visually exciting golf holes, each with its own variety, distinct character and personality, enhanced by the site's natural beauty.

Whether we create designs for Private Clubs, Golf Resorts, Daily Fee Courses or Municipal Facilities, RCWI utilizes imaginative designs that compliment the natural environment and protect its native habitat. Our experience and the great care we take in dealing with environmentally sensitive areas has allowed RCWI to transform some of the most important natural features of a site into primary strategic and visually striking golfing opportunities.

Business Philosophy

hands on golf course architect

At RCWI, we work very closely with their clients and project consultants throughout the planning, design and construction process. We enjoy sharing ideas and experiences and contributing to the collaborative effort.

We pride ourselves on our "hands on" approach to golf course design, construction inspection and quality control. We know that getting our feet dirty is the nature of the business. We enjoy our active role during construction where we can work closely with the Contractor and field personnel, making the golf course become a reality. Our on-site participation allows us to better communicate our ideas, avoid costly mistakes, maintain consistency in the establishment of certain goals and better meet critical deadlines.

time on site graphicOur personal commitment to our clients and to our projects means spending a great deal of time on site during construction, regardless of the project's location. The personal attention we devote to the artistic details of our golf course projects has been the secret of our success. We insure that the smallest of tasks are completed and that our original goals are achieved in the finished product.

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